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— My Background and Practice —

I’m a professional California State trained Divorce Mediator who works primarily with divorcing couples and their families. I have over 20 years experience as a business and relationship-building professional in the areas of family and divorce law, business disputes, fee arbitration, entertainment and non-profit agencies.

My mediation style offers a way to resolve conflicts and create an agreement that meets your needs. I do my best to offer divorcing couples a way to move forward with dignity, confidence and peace of mind. My end goal for every client is a mutually acceptable agreement between spouses regarding assets, debts, parenting plans for both two and four legged children, child/spousal support, modifications of any existing court orders and other matters of importance to you.

Divorce Mediation for Same Sex Couples

I also work with gay and lesbian couples and their families in the mediation process. Gay couples need to be given the opportunity to mediate their divorce just like straight couples. Same sex separations are as emotional and complicated as heterosexual divorces. With my extensive experience and background, I recognize the challenges gay couples face and will partner with you to identify and resolve your specific issues.

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— As Your Mediator, I Will —

Explain: I’ll give you an overview of the process, from first conversations, to options for filing paperwork, to negotiating your settlement, and finally, to living with your completed agreement for many years.

Focus: I’ll help you develop an agreement that addresses your unique concerns. If you have minor children, their welfare will be a priority. I will assist you in creating a parenting plan that supports the developmental needs of your children or the changing needs of your aging relative.

Manage: Divorce doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Mediation can help you to manage both the financial and emotional costs of family conflict.​

“For a process that easily could get over-whelming Bill helped simplify things and made the whole process as easy as possible.”
– Corrin T. on April 30, 2017

“Bill was a great asset during my divorce. His approach was compassionate, he walked me throughout the difficult mine field of the legal system and he was very responsive.
Also, he was very affordable and there were no hidden costs. I recommend his mediation services to anyone going through a divorce.”
– David C. on February 11, 2015

“Bill was there for both of us in a very difficult time. When we worked with Bill to resolve our divorce it felt like working with an old trusted friend”
– Pat B. & Chris B. on October 21, 2014

“Bill is a professional who brings a very different and unique style to the mediation table, one that I had never seen before. And it works!”
– Diane C. – Attorney on December 15, 2013