— Do I Need an Attorney? —

There are a number of options for divorcing couples who do not have or do not want the additional expense of an attorney (actually its usually two attorney’s). Through the Mediation process everything related to the divorce can be worked out by the couple and then the couple has these choices:

  • 1. They can prepare their own filing documents using a legal resource like the ones below:

  • 2. They can have their divorce forms prepared at their direction and filed with the court using a Registered California Legal Documents Assistant (CALDA). Bill can provide his clients with a list California Legal Documents Assistant he has worked with.
  • 3. They can use a collaborative divorce attorney who does not represent either side but will complete and file all paperwork on behalf of both parties. Bill has a list of attorneys who practice this type of law that he can provide to his clients after the mediation session.
  • They can each choose to obtain an attorney for at least a one-time consultation prior to signing the agreement, so that they have the benefit of advice from someone who represents their interests.

Depending on the final agreement the couples reach and how much they are able to settle on their own , Bill will usually recommend that clients may choose to obtain legal, as well as any other professional advice, at any time during the mediation process. He find’s that many attorneys he has worked with are very supportive of the mediation process, and recognize its value in producing clients who are comfortable with their agreements.