​Bill Ferguson is a professional California State trained Divorce Mediator who works primarily with divorcing couples and their families. His Mediation style offers a way to resolve conflicts and create an agreement that meets your needs. His focus on CALIFORNIA DIVORCE MEDIATION offers couples a way to move forward with Peace of Mind, Dignity and Confidence. His end goal is a mutually acceptable agreement between spouses regarding assets, debts, parenting plans for both two and four legged children, child/spousal support, modifications of any existing court orders and other matters of importance to you. Using Mediation most couples end up with a divorce agreement they can both live with, while saving time, money and the stress that years of the current divorce court process can usually take. This allows your family to move forward in each of their lives and not spend years embroiled in a bitter legal battle until all your resources are exhausted.

Cost of Divorce Mediation:

Having seen family and friends nearly bankrupt by the litigation process of divorce – both emotionally and financially, Bill has set up his practice for clients who want to avoid all of those complications and work in a way that is good for all parties involved. That doesn’t mean there won’t be conflicts or challenges – but Bill’s style of mediation will help both of you overcome those challenges and end your relationship in the fairest way possible – with an outcome you both control and decided.

With this in mind Bill uses a gentle but no nonsense approach and commitment to the mediation process that is all about getting both parties to the table to work through to a mutually acceptable agreement. He only accepts clients who are committed to avoiding the high cost, time and continued stress of divorce litigation – which inevitably saves you time, money and personal stress. Each session is 3 hour’s and multiple sessions (the same day, week, month, quarter) may be required depending on each families unique personal needs. Session fees are $550 per session and a sliding fee scale is available on a case-by-case basis to the economically challenged members of our community.

Divorce Mediation FAQ

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