How Bill’s Mediation Process Benefits Each of You

Each divorcing couples circumstances are unique, and an attorney will tell you that no two divorces are exactly the same. With Bill’s California Divorce Mediation service you can work with a compassionate, highly trained California Divorce Mediator to help you make decisions regarding all of the legal issues involved in your divorce like: child custody, visitation, parenting time, finances, property settlement, alimony and child support plus all of the personal details the courts do not address.

With Bill as your mediator you can expect:

1. A safe, peaceful environment.
2. An opportunity to have your issues and concerns heard.
3. An opportunity to have your issues and concerns addressed.
4. A place where both of you can work together to come up with solutions you can both live with for those issues and concerns.
5. A mediator who can offer middle of the road ideas and suggestions when you get stuck.
6. And so much more…