What I do for you

Divorce mediation gives control of the separation and divorce process back to each of you. While the divorce court system has a set of laws that they must follow, the scariest part of divorce for most people is that someone else is going to decide the fate of their future. The judge rarely talks to you alone and gets to know your feelings or takes the time to understand your values and circumstances. A Divorce Court Judge makes decisions based on rules and general standards. A Divorce Court Judge does not have time to make each personal decision concerning your future and the future of your family and court orders are rarely tailored to your families individual needs. This lack of personal control can make you and your divorcing spouse feel threatened and scared which often results in threats and retaliation between the divorcing couple with the help of their attorneys.

When you work with Bill on your Divorce Mediation you are working with a trained mediator who’s goal is to find a “happy medium” in all of your divorce arrangements – one that both divorcing spouses can live with.

Do I Need An Attorney?